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Welcome To Cimarron Cellar

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Cimarron Cellar is my home recording studio. It started in the spare bedroom, but has since transfered into the basement, as I've finished it for that purpose (still a work in progress, but at least its functional now).

I named it Cimarron Cellar for various reasons. The word "cimarron" means wild or untamed. I guess I hope to capture some wild and untamed music in my studio. The studio is in my basement, thus a cellar, pretty much for the alliterative effect. Of course there is the Abbey Road studio where the Beatles recorded, plus other studios such as Caribou Ranch or Muscle Shoals, and I was thinking in terms of such a name.

I do hard disk recording to my WinXP Pro based computer (Athlon XP1800+) with SONAR 3.1 Producer Edition (and a bit of Sound Forge and Cool Edit Pro thrown in), using a Frontier Designs Dakota interface card, with Tango24 audio A/D and D/A converters and a Sierra MIDI interface. I have a modest amount of MIDI equipment (synths, drum machines and such), plus some effects to round things out.

Here is a picture of the "Control Room" (perhaps "out of Control Room" would be a better description)...

Studio Photo
What a mess!

This version of the page is just to try things out. Hopefully I can get my wife to design a nicer page (she is a graphics designer and has done some nice web pages - check out the JV80 Resources link [...soon to be active...] on the left). So for now I'm...


Soon I'll make it more interesting.

Recordings produced in Sonar